Amanecer de una nueva década Galaxy

Amanecer de una nueva década Galaxy

Os ofrecemos la editorial que hemos recibido del Dr TM Roh, quien ha sido nombrado recientemente Presidente y responsable del negocio de Mobile Communications en Samsung Electronics.

Dr TM Roh publica este editorial a tan sólo un día de la celebración del esperado evento Unpacked de Samsung en San Francisco, donde conoceremos los nuevos miembros de la familia Galaxy, los S20.

En esta editorial el DR TMRoh habla, precisamente, del comienzo de una nueva década de los dispositivos Galaxy; que estará marcada por la experiencia en innovación, la última tecnología, y sobre todo, productos atractivos.

Dawn of a New Decade of Galaxy

(Amanecer de una nueva década Galaxy)

por el Dr TM Roh

Unpacked is my favorite time of year. It’s here that we set the tone for the mobile industry and we open people’s eyes to new possibilities for the future. This year is especially meaningful to me because it’s my first year at Unpacked as Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business.

Over my career at Samsung, I’ve had the pleasure of leading the development of mobile devices with breakthroughs that have come to define the last decade of smartphone innovation, starting with the very first Galaxy S and more recently, the Galaxy Fold. Today, I’m excited to say that we believe we are at the dawn of an inspiring new decade filled with the promise of growth and change. The growth and change for the smartphone industry, and ecosystem as a whole. As a leading player within the mobile industry, we relish our responsibility to lead next decade, empowered by experience innovation, cutting-edge technologies, and most of all, compelling products.

Fifty years ago, Samsung Electronics was founded with a clear purpose: to use the power of technology to create a better world. Driven by our commitment to break down barriers and make what some thought impossible, possible.

In 2011, we recognized that consumers were doing even more on their devices. We responded and introduced a more powerful phone with a larger screen and an S Pen to give consumers ultimate productivity on the go—the Galaxy Note. With every new device, we continued to innovate and pioneer new display, camera, and performance technologies. Last year, we created a new category with a foldable device, the Galaxy Fold.

Now, here at the start of 2020, we are excited about the opportunity to define a new era. An era that is defined not simply for innovation’s sake but to truly enable experiences that are more personal, meaningful, private and secure; that will create more intelligent connections across devices, people, businesses, and communities. This will be enabled by key advancements in the three most important technologies of our time: 5G, AI and the Internet of Things (IoT). As the leading innovator of new mobile experiences, Samsung is proud to drive the convergence of these technologies across various smart devices, including Galaxy phones, wearables and PCs.

We’ve already started bringing these new experiences to life. Through open collaboration with industry leaders, such as Google and Microsoft, we are building the robust connected ecosystem in the world. And we are working with major carriers to expand 5G services, so hundreds of millions more consumers around the world can have access to next generation networks.

It’s our responsibility and opportunity to shape the next ten years of mobile innovation, starting right now at Unpacked. No company is better suited to take on this massive challenge than Samsung.

What an exciting time for Samsung, our industry and consumers.

You will see some exciting examples of how we’re driving progress, changing the shape of the future and introducing new mobile experiences at Unpacked. I’m excited to flip the industry on its head. It’s going to be an absolutely incredible event, and I hope you’ll join me—online or in-person—for Galaxy Unpacked 2020 on Tuesday, February 11th.


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